What are Stripes?

Stripes are the colors at the top of your 3bra profile! But where do they come from?

I realized a long time ago that ETH addresses share the same name space as hexadecimal colors in HTML (base 16). Aside from the 0x at the beginning, ETH addresses and a hex colors only contain the characters 0-9 and a-f. For example white in html is #FFFFFF and black is #000000. Capitalization doesn’t matter for colors, and only matters in ETH addresses as a checksum which isn’t always necessary.

I never had any practical application for that insight, until I had the idea for social profiles on ENS. Now, stripes are a visual encoding of your ETH address and a cornerstone of your 3bra profile! In fact, stripes are where the name 3bra comes from!

Stripes = Zebra + Web3 = 3bra

To generate Stripes, everything after the 0x in your address is broken up into chunks of 3 and repeated twice to create each color. For example, 3bra.eth’s ETH address is:


Which becomes:


So 3bra.eth’s stripe colors are:

  1. #eb1eb1
  2. #Ad3Ad3
  3. #40B40B
  4. #88E88E
  5. #C46C46
  6. #9B99B9
  7. #C14C14
  8. #2d62d6
  9. #c71c71
  10. #942942
  11. #f10f10
  12. #9B49B4
  13. #C7AC7A
  14. #777777

An ETH address always contains 0x + 40 characters, so dividing into chunks of 3 leaves one remaining character. That’s why the last color in your Stripes is simply the final character repeated 6 times. This is actually a pretty nice feature in that it always results in white (if F), black (if 0) or a shade of gray.

I played with tons of “algorithms” for generating Stripes, and this one resulted in the right amount of stripes and the most vibrant colors.

I have a feeling we’ll see some pretty cool sets of Stripes as more and more people connect with 3bra. I could see Stripes turning into a cool NFT project or even used by other projects to display ETH addresses more visually.

By gerbz.eth on September 21st, 2022